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June 21, 2004

Father's Day Summary

Today was really a splendid day. Alex and I, after unsuccessfully calling Clark's Pet Emporium to see about pond-scrubbing fish, took what we had and went to my folk's house.

I gave Dad a nice Leatherman C2 for Father's day, and Alex and I had made the aforementioned Frog Egg Salad. Alex and Hillary had made a really boss turtle-looking cake, images forthcoming. Dad seemed to like the knife, which I was a bit surprised by, because he has these strict requirements for a knife:

  1. It must be a Swiss Army-style pocket knife, and
  2. It must have a Phillips-head screwdriver in the side.

People who have owned Swiss Army knives know that the company is fond of putting three things in the back of a knife where they do not fully deploy: awls, corkscrews, and Phillips-head screwdrivers. This pisses Dad off because most of the time when you need the Phillips action, you need something the length of a small screwdriver at least, rather than this half-assed middle of stick bullshit.

Apparently, Victorinox rarely has models available with the screwdriver in the right place, and the places I went informed me that Victorinox doesn't make a model with a screwdriver there at this time. Well, apparently they are full of shit but we'll see if he likes this Leatherman. It's a nice tool, about the size of a pocket knife, but sturdier because, well, it's a Leatherman. Some people swear by Swiss Army though.

The cake and the salad were a big hit. Nathan gave me a pocket knife. He seems to be worried about my safety, which is understandable because I told him a story about Alex's old apartment complex that made him fear for my safety.

One night as Faust, Alex and I were sitting down to watch a movie, we heard screaming outside. We opened the balcony door and heard a woman crying out “Get away from me! Don't come near me!” and saw her running around the parking lot with a guy one foot behind her. I went outside onto the balcony and saw them go under the staircase. I had everyone else get back and came back in, shut the door and closed the blinds. Then we heard three gunshots, and we all turned pale. I told Faust to call the cops, which he did, though they never showed up. A little while later we heard the sound of heavy things being thrown into the dumpster.

Alex's old place was a dump, a real shithole. I have this idea to start some kind of apartment listing page with commenting, some sort of apartment bitch/praise zone on the net so people know what they're getting into, because we should be able to avoid this kind of fucked up shit. The place we're at now is a total contrast to her old place, and that makes me glad. We're on the third floor and behind a doubly deadbolted door. I haven't heard shit outside apart from loud music next to and below us. It is a peaceful place.

Tomorrow I'm going to post some more of my archived code. I hope to hear back from some potential employers, too.

Posted by FusionGyro at June 21, 2004 08:10 AM