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June 22, 2004

Job Interview Action

Today I heard back from the folks at the lab in Socorro. They want me to come down next Tuesday to see what it's like to work at the lab. I smell a job interview and I think if they want to talk to me my chances must not be too bad.

Last night Nathan and Faust came over. We watched an episode of Coupling (“The Giggle Loop”) and then tried to watch The Dunwich Horror but for the second time I fell asleep near the ending. Something about this movie is just too boring, or maybe it was because I just was too tired both times. I have no idea.

We made ice cream for the first time last night. I applied the “Cinnamon Black Walnut” recipe from the owner's manual. It isn't much to my liking, I think because of all the powder of walnut. I had purchased the black walnuts pre-chopped from Wal-mart because I can't afford to shop anywhere else right now, and I think they were low quality and perhaps pre-chopped creates powder that shouldn't be present. Maybe next time I should wash them or something.

I'm really psyched about this interview. On Monday I had applied to the City of Albuquerque and I might hear back from them next week too. We shall see. :)

Posted by FusionGyro at June 22, 2004 10:44 PM