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June 15, 2004

New Apartment and Inaugural Post

Tomorrow I go to the bank to get a cashier's check to pay for my first month's rent. I'll be living with Alex at a nice place called “Comanche Wells.”

In case you haven't heard, Alex and my family all got together and purchased a pure-bred Maine Coon kitten for me. Maybe I'll have some pictures up for that on Thursday when I take her home. My father supplied the name: Lllama. Don't ask. :)

So this is about my third or fourth website, which goes to show you that I just can't settle on a single format or piece of software (including the one I wrote for myself, RantPage. Alex asked me if I intended to keep up with this website any better than the others. I can't really say “yes” to that, but we'll see what happens. I recall the last time I did a semi-good job of keeping a website updated was when I was in Alaska and apparently Jarrod is now also keeping a journal of his own for his Alaska stuff. Now that I'm not around in Socorro I expect I'll miss you guys, and that will hopefully lead to posting. We'll see.

After Wednesday, I plan on spending some time polishing my code and putting it up on the web under the GPL while I polish my résumé. At that point I'll probably scrap pyBlosxom and start writing the stuff that Manuel and Bill and I were talking about. We'll see when it happens I suppose.

End of first post. :)

Posted by FusionGyro at June 15, 2004 09:26 PM