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April 08, 2005

Wow That Sucked

On Sunday Night, Alex and I stayed up all night scared shitless because we thought we heard tapping on our windows. We still don’t know what or who it was.

Monday rolled around, and since we just started selling Spamfire 2 to some old customers over the weekend, I of course had to come in (but came in late). We worked on a few problems.

On Tuesday, I spent the whole day doing nothing but tech support. Which is fine, but doesn’t feed the soul.

On Wednesday, we were both too exhausted to do anything and Alex was randomly pissed off and tired. At work we spent the whole day trying to fix a newly emerged problem with Emal.

On Thursday, the cat woke me up by scratching my face in four places. But Michael bought lunch, which was nice, and we talked about Matterform some more. For dinner, we went to Asian Star, where they kindly gave me crab which I didn’t notice until after I’d taken a bite and reflected on how un-salmony it was. Then we went to Wal-Mart where we had the worst check-out experience imaginable after being pretty quick—the dumb bitch was a horrible bagger, took forever (45 minutes to handle three carts, of which ours was about 4x bigger). Additionally, she made many mistakes and was just generally intolerable, chatting with everyone instead of being worthy. Alex called to complain about her, then we went home and I was ill. We also were up late because of trying to do both those things.

Today wasn’t that bad. I’m looking forward to a weekend of lots of sleep.

On the programming front, I’m working on yet another little project for a friend which I think will turn out to be really cool. It’s a Rails project and it’s quite fun I have to say. I wish there were some more comprehensive non-API documentation, maybe even documentation that gets updated regularly? :) But the system is still emerging so I guess it’s not fair to expect too much of it. Definitely a high learning curve. For right now, the motto is the same as Cocoa: if something’s not working, you’re probably trying too hard.

I’m trying to decide whether I should go to Socorro next weekend or the weekend after. I’m leaning towards the weekend after. Comments?

Posted by FusionGyro at April 8, 2005 10:16 PM

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