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June 05, 2005

Six Favorite Songs (of the moment)

  1. “The Jester” - Mekong Delta

    My favorite Mekong Delta song, apparently, considering how often I play it. Strangely, it’s one of their simpler songs, but it has a great feel. Also strange that it comes from their oft-maligned The Principle of Doubt album. I should really write a review of that album already.

  2. “I Get Wet” - Andrew WK

    Damn, it was a tough call between this one and “Ready to Die.” I finally chose this one because of the length. I really can’t compare the two songs.

    I was a pretty furious fan of The Wolf but now I have to admit I listen to I Get Wet more often, even though it’s a simpler album.

  3. “The Mind’s Eye” - Archetype

    A beautiful instrumental. If you’ve heard Metallica’s “Orion” you’ll have some idea what a metal instrumental is capable of; this song is much better. (Though there was a time when “Orion” would have been on this list).

  4. “Beyond the Last Horizon” - Ayreon

    A beautiful song, period.

  5. “Forsaken Love” + “Your Diary” - Destiny

    A really nice melodic hardcore piece from a band that seems to have virtually nothing written about them on the internet. They beat Misery Signals handily, but I really like both bands quite a bit.

  6. “Scape Goat” - The Agony Scene

    Probably the angriest band in my collection right now, they even manage to out-hate Children of Bodom and Arch Enemy. Very therapeutic when dealing with assholes and morons at work, it’s some pretty damn good metalcore. Very catchy, headbangy, and morbid fun.


I’m recovering from a pretty bad case of food poisoning right now. Alex and I are about to go watch a movie. I would recommend not eating anything at Saigon Cafe in Santa Fe that contains cilantro.

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