Description:The personal homepage of Bill Weiss
Author: Bill Weiss <houdini [plus] webpage [at] clanspum [dot] net>
Revision: 1.9
Date: 2009-02-09


As a programmer, I spend a lot of time writing code. Every once in a while, I'll write something for personal use that I feel is good enough for public consuption. I'm probably wrong, but I still put them up here.

Firewall scripts

As a security person, I take a perverse joy in writing some decent firewall scripts. My style changes a lot, somehow based in what distribution I'm using, somehow growing as I learn some programming techniques.

The old scripts, which I wrote primarily on a Slackware 7 box which acted as a modem to ethernet gateway. They were updated to work in my dorm to do ethernet to ethernet. The primary goals of these are:

  • NATing
  • hiding the presence of machines behind the firewall
  • protecting the Windows box behind it

The new scripts, which I am writing on a Gentoo box (1.4, then 2004), are currently just for a server box. It's a dedicated server somewhere else (I have no physical access), so it needs to not break my access. The primary goals of this are:

  • monitoring bandwidth use by services
  • monitoring bandwidth use by user
  • filtering crud from the network

Bind configuration

I put my bind configuration online, at least an earlier version of it. This is mostly to show people how it's done. I won't claim to be correct everywhere, but it's decent.



In the dorms (Fall 2002), I had a whiteboard. Sometimes funny, most times offensive, it had a lot of stuff written on it. Luckily, someone took pictures of various events. Interspersed with these are other images from dorm life.


I keep quotes from people around me, things I've read, etc. They get attached to my emails at the bottom, and some people seem to like wandering through them and finding funny ones. Get a random one, the strfile source, or a webpage containing all of them.

Fortunes last updated on


I used to drive a 2004 PSM (Silver) Subaru WRX sedan. I took some pictures of it when it was brand new. On 2004-10-05, a hail storm (of doom) damaged the car pretty badly. It's totaled.

Now I have a 2003 Aspen White Subaru WRX wagon. No pictures yet. I'm working fairly hard on getting it muddy :)