Hi. This is the webpage for my bind config files. It's not the best, nor the most complete, but it's what works for me.

It, like the firewall page, is fairly ugly. I'll fix this one at the same time as that one.

There are 4 files that you need to run a domain.


  1. Reverse DNS zones have their octets reversed. If you had the IP, your reverse DNS would be in
  2. Tradition says your serial number is the date you changed the zone, in YYYYMMDD form. The idea is, when you update, you're assured that the new serial number is greater than the old one. You don't have to follow this schema, but you have to do two things:
    1. Always increment the number when you make an update
    2. Make sure it doesn't overflow the integer the serial is held in. I think that it is an unsigned 32 bit integer, so you've got some room.
    Other common schemes are YYYYMMDDHH, YYYYMMDDNN (where NN starts at 0, and is the count of how many times that day the zone has been updated), or N (where N is the total number of updates).