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June 20, 2004

B3M: Background Menu Generator for Blackbox

B3M is basically done pending bug removal (if anyone finds any). Feel free to download it and let me know if you like it or use it.

All it does is parse an image directory and its subdirectories and produce a menu which mirrors the structure (and does a small amount of name beautification).

Here is a sample run of it on my box, by executing b3m.py ~/wallpaper.

[submenu] (Wallpaper)
  [exec] (Agni1600) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/agni1600.jpg'}
  [exec] (Alpine1280) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/alpine1280.jpg'}
  [exec] (Arctica1280) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/arctica1280.jpg'}
  [exec] (Binary1280) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/binary1280.jpg'}
  [exec] (Core1600) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/core1600.jpg'}
  [exec] (Default) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/default.jpg'}
  [exec] (Eventide1280) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/eventide1280.jpg'}
  [exec] (Grotto) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/grotto.jpg'}
  [exec] (Grotto1600) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/grotto1600.jpg'}
  [exec] (Locus1600) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/locus1600.jpg'}
  [exec] (Nuclear) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/nuclear.png'}
  [exec] (Satori1280) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/satori1280.jpg'}
  [exec] (Solus1280) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/solus1280.jpg'}
  [exec] (Source1280) {Esetroot -f '/home/fusion/wallpaper/source1280.jpg'}

Posted by FusionGyro at June 20, 2004 06:39 PM