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June 20, 2004

Cat Issues Mostly Resolved

Last night as Alex and I were going to bed, the cats were fighting. We got this nice door post toy which Ebony and Lllama have been fighting over until they hiss, then we take it down. Anyway, they were fighting pretty fiercely last night.

When we got up this morning, we searched everywhere around the apartment and couldn't find the cats. I noticed a bulge in the blanket by the bed and looked inside, finding Lllama laying on top of Ebony! They haven't been so friendly today but there's been much less hissing, and Ebony has tolerated the presence of Lllama, to the point of even laying on one side of me or Alex while Lllama is on the other.

Alex made frog egg salad last night, which is quite good. The recipe is here if you're interested (I got the software from John Shipman if you're interested; source is here.) It's tasty and horrible, and I love it. :)

Last night Eric came in and the four of us went to the Attic while he signed the last band for his event today. Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it, but I am certain it went off without a hitch. He had booked several local bands: Red Earth, Against The Grain (ATG), The Mindy Set, and another called Tetelestica or something, who don't seem to have a website. Of course, Rob Lopez's current band The Scallywags were headlining and were contracted specifically to play The Star Spangled Banner. I wish I could have been there but unfortunately I am a slackass and tired from all the moving.

Well, tomorrow we move some nice chairs up here, so I need to hit the sack.

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