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June 18, 2004

Cat Issues

The damned cat, how cute she is! The night before last I got sleep in 3-4 hour chunks interrupted by Lllama's incredibly loud yelping. Last night she woke me up several times marching around on the bed. Vicky's husband wakes up at about 4:45 each morning and feeds the cats, which explains why at 5:30 AM Lllama screams her head off. I waited until about 9:30 to feed her the day before yesterday, but last night I was going to bed around 6 AM so I fed her then. Vicky says she will get used to our schedule eventually.

I went ahead and got the cheapest computer desk I could find—$37.99—along with a nice chair and now I have a computer desk. In fact, I'm posting from it, so we have Linux-action once again.

Alex's cat Ebony has been having some trouble getting used to Lllama. Last night, Alex noticed that her cat hasn't been eating, so we did a late run to Walmart to get catfood that he might eat and some catnip in the hopes that it would mellow him out to such a degree that he might make friends. He ate some food but still won't get within a couple feet of the kitten without hissing and running off.

Alex and Hillary are in the other room cooking up a surprise for Father's Day. I'll have more details on that later.

My cat kneads my hair in my sleep. My hair has been weirder looking than ever. She likes to sleep on my pillow when she's not attacking my feet. It's really sweet. :) Alex says that the cat is a Daniel finder; all she has to do is start meowing and I start yelling out “Lllama! Lllama!” so she'll find me and not be scared anymore.

Last night Faust came over and we hacked for a while; I wound up writing a nice little background menu generator for Blackbox, so I'll post that code in a little while.

That's all for now.

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