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June 17, 2004

Move In: Phase 2 - We Have Bed

Thanks to Alex's sister, we now have her Queen-size bed in here. The folks contributed four chairs and Nathan contributed a card table, so we have some basic furniture. I'm writing this on the bed from the bedroom using the power of the wireless DSL hub I got, so I may wind up lending the airport to Faust.

Relearning Dvorak isn't much fun but could be worse. I think I'm down to 50 or 60 WPM. The month of qwerty wasn't very good for my memory but fortunately I did very little in the way of coding. I'm delaying setting up my Linux box until I have a proper desk for it, because I'm sure I'll get absorbed in it and be a zombie for a few hours, and I'd rather not strain my neck, back and arms when that happens.

My cat, apparently, suffers from some kind of attachment disorder; she cries at the top of her lungs when she is alone. She hasn't been particularly affectionate (though she seems to like crawling on my shoulders), she has warmed up as time has gone on. I have to take her with me when I go to another room or she cries, but when I take her she ignores me and explores. Except for the bedroom, where she lays about on the bed.

I'm going to call it a night early I think.

Posted by FusionGyro at June 17, 2004 04:50 AM