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June 26, 2004

Interview Success

Today I had my interview with Matterform Media. It went really well! The day was fraught with good omens: Michael uses the same keyboard setup I do, with the Kinesis Contoured keyboard and the Dvorak layout. They are really happy with me and seem to really want me to work for them. We spent three hours chatting about various things, it was about the most laid back interview I have ever experienced.

There are many reasons why I really like this job. It is using a pretty good language, REALbasic, a BASIC derivative with objects. The similarity to VB seems to be somewhat limited but I'm looking forward to getting a chance to play with it at greater length. I also like the small town, small business, laid-back setting. I even think I like the locale because it is very green. :) The pay could be higher, but I understand it's an introductory rate with a raise after 6 months, and I know Alex and I could make ends meet on the wages.

I can't remember ever salivating over a job quite like this before. I wish I could have taken home some code or something to refactor right now, or be writing some PHP for them as we speak. I have never been so ready to code in my life. It feels like this week was a refresher with all the code I've released. I can't stop giggling about how much I want this job, I've been a real pest to Alex all night.

Still, I told the folks I was going to hold off until Tuesday when I talk to the people in Socorro. I am decidedly less interested in this job now than a few weeks ago. Everything else just seems right at MatterForm, I don't see how I could settle for anything else.

While I was interviewing, they asked me why someone so overqualified as myself was interested in the job. I explained that all my friends were busy getting security clearances to work at labs and it just didn't appeal to me. “I don't really want to create—” Michael interjected “Weapons of mass destruction!” I said “Exactly!” and we were both laughing about it. Then he showed me the software they've got in the works and I'm just rock hard over it. This is a company making some truly innovative software for tying the Mac together. I really want to participate in this company! I have an urge to call them tomorrow and tell them my heart is set on them, but it probably still isn't a good idea. We shall see.

Eric is stopping by for a brief chat on his way home, so I need to go and sit next to the phone. More on this, perhaps, later. :)

Posted by FusionGyro at June 26, 2004 05:35 AM