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June 25, 2004

Interview Tomorrow

When I woke up this morning, there were a couple nice email in my Inbox. One was from Webcreators (whose website is particularly bad), saying:

We received your resume (among around 100 others) in response to the advertised Developer position, and yours is in the final group of applicants that we are interested in.

It looked like a form letter, so I replied and filled in the blanks. We'll see what happens, it could be quite a good job.

I had another email from Matter Form which sounded much more promising. One reply and now I have an interview with them tomorrow! It sounds like a really cool company.

I had a short talk with Navdeep Bains, the lead developer at Matter Form. He sounds like a great guy, I hope I stay in touch with him. They're located in Española, but on the website they put Santa Fe, which I find curious. Anyway, Navdeep is very talented as you can see by the link.

We did laundry today. At some point during the process, a kid came up and tried to elbow in the door, which we had just watched the maintenance guys fix, so I let him in. He said “Nice shirt. Will you give it to me?” I said thanks but no. Alex suggested I say yes, take my shirt off, rub it on his face, whip him with it and say “Of course not!” but I did not relent. :)

I created an account for the Random 5 bot, so that I could host the band list and have a stable account for email to be coming from. I wrote the mod_ruby, but I haven't had time to deal with the cron job for the email yet though. That's a tomorrow kind of task.

Well, I have to get some rest before my interview tomorrow, so I'm signing off.

Posted by FusionGyro at June 25, 2004 09:09 AM