Jarrod's Quotes Collection

This is my quotes page. The below links will take you to the text files which contain the quotes I have collected over the years.

The quotes on these pages fall roughly in order from most recent to least recent. The newer ones are dated, and all future quotes will be dated. I use ANSI Standard dating without hyphens. It is YYYYMMDD. I urge you to use this method also. If you notice any errors, please email me at jarrod+quotes@network-science.net.

First Person Quotes These are all quotes which I have "heard" first hand. I consider email "hearing" for this purpose. When a **LNAME** is encountered, it means I do not know, but wish to know a persons last name. Please email it to me.

Fictional Quotes These are quotes which I got out of fictional sources. I include music here also.

Non-Fictional Quotes These are quotes which I got out of non-fictional sources.

The Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams